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Our Classic Range of Cases

We specialise in presentation and display products, providing a comprehensive range of portfolios and
display books as well as the sleeves and art bags to go with them.
Whether you need a top of the range professional display portfolio or something to meet a budget, we have the answer.
Our range caters for everyone; from designers, illustrators and photographers to students and traditional artists.
We have the specialist knowledge you can really rely on.

Bespoke Cases - developed and manufactured individually for you in the UK
We can produce highly individual designed cases and portfolios, using different fabrics and materials from the
downright outrageous to the epitome of sophistication to suit and reflect your personality truly reflecting
the creative statement in you and your work.

Corporate Branding
We can offer an even greater degree of customisation by producing items with you or your client's corporate identity or branding.

No Minimum Quantity
Due to their individual make up our bespoke cases are quoted on sight of specification to match your requirements
As an indication, our bespoke cases start from just £85.00 for an A3 portfolio (1 off)

Please contact us for further information

Classic Portfolios &

A range of presentation display cases, easel cases, portfolios, and art cases 

Art portfolio cases are a solution for protecting, carrying and presenting artwork.

Dapper offers a wide selection of cases fitting the student, professional artist, and architects needs.

All art portfolios are listed by inside dimensions for your convenience.*


3 in1 Dapper Easel Presentation Portfolio Stipple black Finish     1/1 

From £38.99 


3 in1 Dapper Easel Presentation Portfolio Black Finish  1/2

From £38.99


3 in1 Dapper Easel Presentation Portfolio Marble Finish  1/3

From £42.99


PREMIER Portfolio 2/1
Colour Chart

From £18.99


PREMIER MAXI Portfolio 2/2

From £21.99


ACADEMY Portfolio 2/3
Colour Chart

From £10.99


QUARTZ Portfolio 3/1

From £19.95


2 in1 Easel Portfolio Case 3/2

From £31.99


PREMIER Case 3/3

From £22.75


ACADEMY Case 4/1

From £12.95


QUARTZ Case 4/2

From £19.95



From £27.75


POLYLITE Case  5/1

From £9.75



From £27.99


AM Art Case 5/3

From £22.95



Art and Storage Bags

A range of art cases and large format cases. Offering a solution for protecting, carrying and presenting artwork to clients.

Dapper offers a wide selection of art bags suitable for the student and professional artist and designer.


Artist Satchel 6/1

From £8.75


Artists Sketchbag  6/2

From £19.95


File Storage Bag  6/3

From £49.50


PRIMO Satchel  7/1

From £5.99


Project Bags  7/2

From £2.95


A0 & A1 Large Capacity Roll-up Cases 7/3

From £49.99


Large Format Slim-Line Roll-Up Art Bags  8/1

From £34.99



Presenters, Display Books & Folders

A range of Art Presenters, Display Books and Choir Folders

Dapper offers a selection of art presenters, providing solutions for protection, carrying and presenting artwork to clients


A3 Artsafe Presenter  9/1

From £2.48


Professional Presenter  9/2

From £19.99


Press Presenter  9/3

From £18.99


Choir Music Folder  10/1


From £12.99



Sleeves, Storage & Accessories

Sleeves for storing art prints, posters and photgraphs. Archival boxes and general art accessories

Professional Sleeves  11/1

From £0.89


Jet Sleeves  11/2

From £7.25


Archive Box Sleeves  11/3

From £7.75


Black Archival Box   12/1

From £17.99

White Archival Box  12/2

From £19.99



Browser Sleeves   12/3

From £21.99


Brush Roll Case  13/1

From £10.50


Brush Wallet   13/2

From £9.70


Canvas Brush Roll Case  13/3

From £10.50


Canvas Apron   14/1
Colour Chart

From £12.95


One Metre Steel Rule  14/2

From £9.99


Metal Rulers   14/3

From £4.95


Cutting Mats   15/1

From £6.85